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Pets who inspired famous artists

woman paints picture of pug like famous artists and dogs

Woman paints a picture of a pug.

Here at Dog’s Best Life, we freely admit we ARE  those dog owners.

You know who we mean.

The owners who incessantly post photos of our fur babies, talk about our animals in almost every conversation and carry pictures of our pups in our wallets or proudly display them as our smartphone screensavers.

But, we’re not the only ones! And this kind of slavish devotion to our dogs is nothing new.

There have been a handful of famous artists throughout history who are equally obsessed with their pups and other pets. So much so that the animals famously accompanied the authors on interviews, to restaurants, and even inspired some of their most notable works.

Invaluable created this fun infographic that details famous artists and their pets, and how each inspired their lives in beautiful ways.

From pop artist Andy Warhol and his adorable dachshund Archie to Georgia O’Keeffe and her many chows, find out which of your favorite creatives throughout history had a furry friend or two whom they loved just as much as we love ours today.

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