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Is it better to have two dogs? If you plan to leave your dog during the day while you are at work, it may be better to have two dogs so that they can keep each other company.

Help your dog sleep all night: The most common cause of canine insomnia is pent-up energy. Help your dog sleep through the night by making sure she gets plenty of exercise.

Why does my dog get hiccups? Dog hiccups are so common some veterinarians think that they can be a part of the laundry list of “growing pains” some puppies must endure.

Could my dog have canine autism? Most puppies and dogs diagnosed with “canine autism” are reactive and often lack socialization skills. Reactive animals often inherit an anxiety disorder.

Use music to soothe separation anxiety: Soothe dog separation anxiety with music, not medication. The right tune can calm your dog, so he can relax and fall asleep.

Aggressive puppy warning signs: Common aggressive puppy behavior warning signs include snarling, growling, mounting, snapping, lunging, challenging stance, aggressive barking and biting.

Couch potato dogs for couch potato owners: Make an honest assessment of your lifestyle to help you choose the right dog. If you’re a couch potato, get a couch potato dog, not a high energy dog.

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Why do teens fall out of love with their pets?

Teen boy cuddles with golden retriever puppy. Studies show that attachment to pets declines during the teen years.

Studies find a significant decrease in the attachment to pets during the teenage years. The highest level of devotion is observed at age 11.

When to put your dog down checklist: 13 questions to ask yourself

Use a when to put your dog down checklist to determine your dog’s quality of life. Consider your dog’s mobility, pain level, and appetite.

Do dogs mimic their owners? Science says yes.

Man plays with French Bulldog. Both are wearing 3-D glasses. Dogs learn to imitate their owners' personality traits and behavior.

A study from Michigan State University shows dogs mimic owners. Dogs learn to imitate their owners’ personality traits and behavior.

Take your dog camping

dog camping safety guide

Take your dog camping. Find a dog-friendly campground and be sure to pack the right dog camping accessories. Bring along your dog’s food and a travel bowl.

Keep your dog’s feet and nails healthy

Owner applies ointment to dog's paw. Practice good paw care by using a balm or ointment to prevent your dog's paws from becoming rough or cracked.

Practice good paw care by examining your dog’s feet every day and trim the nails as needed. Dogs are prone to foot injuries.