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Editor Sara B. Hansen

Sara B. Hansen with Sydney, an Australian Shepherd-Corgi mix.

Editor Sara B. Hansen has spent the past 20-plus years as a professional editor and writer.

Her professional background includes editing positions at The Denver Post, The Des Moines Register, and The Fort Collins Coloradoan. She’s also the author of The Complete Guide to Cocker Spaniels

Sara B. Hansen decided to create her dream job in 2011 by launching, a website dedicated to helping dog owners by providing them information on dog health, dog training, dog grooming, adoption, and much, much more.

Sara grew up with family dogs, and since she bought her first house, she’s had a furry companion or two to help make it a home. Her dogs: Browning (May 1993-November 2007), Finley (November 1993-January 2008), Sydney (September 2008-April 2020).

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Browning and Finley


If you have questions, comments, or concerns, you can send them to Sara at takes privacy seriously. Read more about our privacy policy here.


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