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3 responses to “Should you remove your dog’s dewclaws?”

  1. Susyn K

    I always have my dogs dew claws removed at the same time that they are spayed/neutered. When I was a kid we had a dog that caught his dew claw in something, it was horrible & I don’t want that to ever happen again. I’ve only had one dog even notice that they were missing.

  2. Mario Quinonez

    For me if the claw is poorly connected to the leg in this case it is best to have it surgically removed. On the other hand it
    helps dogs to gain traction when they run because in some dogs, the dewclaw makes contact when they are running and the nail on the dewclaw often wears down in the same way that the nails on their other toes do, from contact with the ground. With every dog the case is different and should be handled accordingly. This topic is touchy and should not be taken likely.

  3. Susan Plested

    I owned a Rottie cross once who had rear dewclaws and he caught one on something once. It was painful for days and a “bloody” mess. I always wished he had had them removed when we had him castrated, no pain on removal and no pain in the future