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One response to “Your guide to pet hair vacuum cleaners”

  1. Debra Withers

    Hey, This is really a great post. The vacuum cleaner is a necessity for the housewives which make cleaning process cleaner. The importance of vacuum cleaner increases if you have a pet at home. It is hard and complicated to find out hidden furs of pet and then trash it.

    I have been Using Shark Truepet NV752 since 2016. I totally love it. Yes, it is a bit heavy but it is not my concerned. The best aspect of this Shark vacuum is its convertible design. It can easily be converted into an Upright and canister vacuum. It is good for cleaning pet hairs.

    For those of you who have asthma or allergy sufferers in your home, the HEPA filter in this model gives you an extra reason to buy it.

    I am planning to buy another one for my friend. I have narrowed down the list ( If you have good machinery to suggest then please tell me.i’ll consider that too.