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7 tips to turn your dog into an Instagram star

dog instagram star When you feel bored, do you go to  Instagram to soak up your daily dose of cute dog photos? Ever scrolled through your daily feed and spotted a dog picture that made you swoon?

Ever wonder how that dog could pose so neatly for those shots? Or ponder whether your dog could become the next hot Instagram star?

It’s not as hard as you might think to conquer Instagram.

Just follow these seven steps.

Teach yourself to take great Instagram photos

Your dog’s Instagram modeling career starts with your camera skills. Taking good pictures is crucial to your dog’s success.

First take a class or enroll in an online program that will teach you how to take an artistic image. That should help you know how to take the perfect shot and get familiar with what to include in the picture.

Keep your camera — or phone handy —  to take advantage of any opportunities to take adorable photos and be ready to try different angles.

Train your dog to pose

Experiment and find the best angles for your dog. Don’t be afraid to get on the floor with your dog to get a close-up.

Use basic commands to help your dog get in the pose you want and hold it.

Want to make sure your dog looks at you when you’re taking a picture? Hold a favorite toy or treat so the dog focuses on you when you snap the image.

Most dogs enjoy having their pictures taken, so experiment with different poses to find out what makes your dog look best.

Go outside

Take your dog outside. Go to places that are green and captivating.

Shots with landscapes tend to draw more views, so what could be better than combining a picture of a cute dog in nature?

Be consistent

Don’t just post pictures randomly.

Develop a strategy using Instagram’s proven statistics to help you get and keep as many followers and viewers.

Do not make the mistake of posting 10 times one day and nothing the next.

Set a steady pace to captivate and entertain your followers.

If you find three photos a day of your supermodel dog bring you a consistent number of views and followers, then stick with it.

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Use hashtags

Adding proper hashtags increases the number of viewers. Just be sure to use hashtags that are relevant.

Don’t overwhelm your post with hashtags that don’t fit just in an effort to use them. Doing that might bring in a few curious viewers, but it won’t create a consistent audience.

Relevancy helps connect your post with a targeted audience. Your goal is to draw people who are interested in dogs.

So consider using popular hashtags such as #dog, #puppy, #petstagram and #dogsofinstagram.

Edit your pictures

Learn to crop your photos to eliminate extraneous background and take advantage of Instagram’s integrated editing options to improve the quality of your pictures.

Good pictures are more likely to get clicks and draw more followers to your account.

Try to post photos that showcase your dog’s personality. For example, if you have a dog who’s silly like Doge, the famous Shiba Inu, you’ll have many of those moments to share.

Network with other Instagram pages

Try to engage with the other Instagram pages — especially those that also focus on dogs.

Look for other dog Instagram models in your area and connect with them. Consider organizing some walks around the nearest park to show off your camera skills.

And be sure to follow some of the most popular dogs on Instagram. It’s a great way to pick up new tips, tricks and ideas.


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