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10 signs you’re a crazy dog person

Woman gets ready to kiss Jack Russell Terrier. A crazy dog person isn't shy about getting doggie kisses. A crazy dog person isn't shy about getting doggie kisses.

A crazy dog person isn’t shy about getting doggie kisses.

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but is your dog more than your best friend? How do you know if you’re a crazy dog person?

Consider some of the following questions: Would you rather spend time with a dog than people? Are you unable to sleep at night unless you’re curled up with your pup?

Then you’ll know for sure if you’re a crazy dog person.

1. Dogs over people? 

If you see a dog in public and get excited, you are a dog person. Some people are so into dogs that they will always try to meet and pet them. 

If you focus more on the dogs than the people, you’re a crazy dog person.

2. Sleep soundly

Some people choose not to sleep with their dogs. Some worry about cleanliness issues. Others worry their dogs will keep them awake. 

If you are a dog person, none of those issues matter. If you’re a crazy dog person, you don’t think twice about sleeping with your dog.

By snuggling up with your dog, you get a better night’s sleep, reduce your stress, improve your heart, lower your blood pressure, and boost your emotional health.

3. Frozen in place

If your dog falls asleep in your lap, that may test your love. If you are a crazy dog person, you’ll freeze and won’t move a muscle for 30 minutes or more to avoid disturbing your pup.

Your dog’s rest is more important than your comfort.

People who are uncomfortable with dogs won’t want to hold a sleeping dog. 

4. What dog hair?

If you do anything you can to avoid getting dog hair on your clothes, then you may not want to own a dog. 

But if you’re a crazy dog person, you don’t worry about shedding. That’s because you understand the value of buying a good pet-hair vacuum and keeping your dog well groomed.

5. Who’s a good dog? 

When you’re a crazy dog person, all dogs are puppies. It doesn’t matter if the dog is five months or 15 years old. And when you talk to your dog, your voice often climbs a couple of octaves. 

You also tend to use baby talk by elongating your vowels, using a sing-song rhythm and a slower tempo. 

And every dog you meet is a very, very good boy or girl. 

6. Dog is my co-pilot?

No matter where you travel if you are a crazy dog person, you will take your dog along on the journey whether you travel by car, plane or boat

You care about your dog’s comfort and always make sure you bring along your pup’s favorite food and toys. 

If someone else catches a glimpse of your calendar, they’ll quickly realize your holidays are all marked as DOG HOLIDAYS. Your goal is to make sure you spend plenty of quality time with your furry kid. 

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7. Best dog ever? 

If you’re a crazy dog person, you enjoy teaching your dog new lessons. You and your dog regularly take training classes and develop new skills

You also know that keeping your dog clean and well-groomed makes both you and your dog happy. Dog grooming provides multiple opportunities to improve your bond with your dog.

8. Dog-filled social media feed

True dog lovers tend to share pictures and videos of dogs on social media every day. They share more photos of their dogs than their children.

And they do more than share images and stories about their dogs. They’re also more than happy to share pictures and videos they discover.

If images of your dog fill your photo gallery, or if you can’t resist taking selfies with your pup, you may be a crazy dog person. 

9. “Marley and Me” still makes your cry  

If you are a dog lover, you have seen “Marley and Me,” and even now when you think about the movie, you still choke up a little. If possible, you try to avoid movies, TVs, or books where the dog dies

10. Doggie kisses are the sweetest kisses

No matter how much your dog kisses you or licks you, you don’t feel uncomfortable. And you aren’t shy about giving your sweet pup a few kisses, too, as well as unlimited belly rubs.

Embrace the label

If you’re a crazy dog person, admit it. You should freely admit if your dog can’t come on the trip, you might stay home. You’ll risk all the spoilers to avoid watching a movie where a dog dies, and you love getting and receiving doggie kisses. 

Jean E. Allen is the executive writer and researcher at She is working with several pet journals and communities. She aims to create a better world for pets. 

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