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Imagine if your dog had an Instagram account

What if pets had access to social media?

We all know that your cat, if she could be bothered, would head straight to Reddit to spread hateful propaganda about the canine community and share legally dubious tips about inflicting sharp, painful injuries on their loving owners.

Your budgie, we can assume, would sign up for Twitter, while your goldfish is likely a Periscope kind of guy.

But how about the hound?

dog instagram

Courtesy Canine Cottages

It seems a pretty fair guess that if dogs had smart phones, Instagram would be their app of choice. Instagram is the photo-sharing network where #lifeisfun, nature is nothing less than paradise, and friendship is dialed up to 11 (or maybe that should be 13/10). Boys and girls are always good, and a dish of food can become an unparalleled work of art.

The good people at Canine Cottages agree – to the extent that they’ve created a fun new project that imagines what Instagram would look like if dogs were in control of the cameras.

Historical monuments become Very Important Places to take a leak, and every trip to the park deserves its own “reunited with old friends” group selfie. That grubby leash, chewed up tennis ball, and empty dinner bowl are finally given the chance to fill their own frame.

Of course, the chances of it actually happening are pretty remote – even the smartest dog would struggle to balance her phone upright without opposable thumbs. For now, at least, your beloved pooch will just have to go on living in the moment.

Courtesy Canine Cottages

But if you believe she’s got what it takes to be an Instagram star, there’s plenty of good advice out there for creating your own canine celebrity – and it’s up to you whether you want to caption your snaps with your own thoughts or offer something from the dog’s point of view.


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