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One response to “Get your dog in the swimming pool in 6 easy steps”

  1. Rich Dansereau

    Water safety is such a big concern for me as a dog owner. I understand that many ‘barrel chested’ breeds and ‘short legged’ breeds have great difficulty or cannot swim. Elderly dogs and dogs with very long hair can also have trouble. I know this because my stepmother lost her 15year old Maltese, which was maintained with very long hair, a couple of summers ago when, unbeknownst to anyone, she got into the backyard and went in the pool unsupervised and drown. She had been very used to swimming in the pool. The vet thinks that her long hair could have weighed her down and/or she may have panicked and not been able to find the beach entry that she was used to. I gave my step mother a life jacket for their rescue mini-schnauzer that they recently adopted.