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Pet-Friendly Weed Killers: Create A Safe Yard for Your Dog

Miniature Schnauzer plays in yard treated with pet-friendly weed killers.

Turn everyday kitchen items like vinegar, salt, sugar, cornmeal, and boiling water into pet-friendly weed killers.

As frustrating as they might be, weeds are always an inevitable part of almost any garden, even if you use the best dandelion killer. They’re something that you need to acknowledge, accept, and counter and efficient pet-friendly weed killers are your best way to go.

If you keep a pet, the chemicals in most weed killer products out there will affect not only the environment but also your furry friend. It goes for dogs in particular, as they are more inclined to rub and roll themselves in plants, which is why pet-safe weed killers are a must!

We read hundreds of testimonials on the matter, only to bring you the five best homemade pet-friendly weed killers:

1. Salt

Aside from its countless kitchen uses, salt can also be a potent agent against unwanted vegetation. And the best part, it’s a 100% pet safe weed killer. As for how exactly does it work, the salt will enter the soil quickly, making it entirely inhospitable for weeds and plants.

Thus, you should only be using it in those areas where you don’t want anything else to grow. Some great examples would be the cracks in your pathway, sidewalk, driveway, or beneath decking areas. Salt can easily be sprinkled wherever you need it to work but make sure to water it into that particular area.

You can also create a powerful homemade pet-friendly weed killer by mixing it with soap/vinegar solution, which will increase its potency.

2. Vinegar

 And speaking of vinegar here is another highly-efficient pantry staple that can also make for a fantastic pet safe weed killer. Its active component is called acetic acid, which draws moisture from the plants, subsequently killing them.

Much like any other weed killer, it can’t be selective as to its range of action. It means that it will kill all plants in its way – discrete use is highly advisable.

Also, vinegar may take several consecutive applications before getting the job done. For a more potent homemade pet-friendly weed killer, you can always mix it with dish soap. It will make the vinegar stick to plant’s leaves for a more extended period. 

3. Sugar

Much like salt, sugar can be quite efficient in making the soil conditions unfavorable, so that plants can’t grow and develop.

What this pet-safe weed killer also does is attract pests, like ants, for example, due to its advanced level of sweetness.

To prevent this from happening, you can create an efficient homemade pet-friendly weed killer by mixing it with chili pepper powder. Sprinkle this mixture at will over those pesky weeds, but make sure it doesn’t get in contact with the rest of your plants. 

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4. Cornmeal

Although it might come as a surprise, cornmeal is another practical pantry staple in the war against unwanted weeds.

Unlike the other household items listed, cornmeal is a pre-emergent pet-safe weed killer. It means that it will not have any effect on mature plants, but will stop seeds from germinating.

And as a bonus, it can also be quite useful in killing ants. They will try to feed on it without being able to digest it, thus starving to death. 

5. Boiling Water

No weed killer can be more pet-friendly than pure water. There’s absolutely nothing about it that could affect your furry friend.

When boiled, it will also act as a powerful weed control agent. All you have to do is pour hot boiling water onto the unwanted plant, and that will do the trick.

And for an even more powerful homemade pet-friendly weed killer, you can always throw in salt or vinegar. Still, you will have to pay attention not to splash it onto other surrounding plants. 


One last thing that you should probably know is the fact that going for an organic weed killer will not be the most natural path to take. It will take considerably more time and effort than in the case of chemical-based products.

Still, in the long run, using pet-friendly weed killers also will turn out to be the healthiest solution.

We’re not just talking about a pet-safe weed killer but also about your health and that of your family. And since these organic weed control options won’t have any environmental impact, the conclusion is simple: green is better!

Elizabeth Barletta is particularly attracted to dogs. She has owned different breeds from a tender age and decided to write about adorable creatures at She has been advising pet owners over the years about various issues ranging from preserving the health of pets to even training them.

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