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5 reasons to run with your dog

run with your dog and help him channel his energy positively

Help your dog channel his energy positively by letting him run.

Having a dog might be the best feeling in the world for you, but the best for them is to have good health so that they can live a long and healthy life. Just like humans, dogs also need to do some exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you start exercising or running with your dog, it would benefit both of you mentally and physically. Running with your dog is the best way to have a good bond with him. You can also teach him the required social skills and make him learn how to react in different situations.

Here are six reasons you should run with your dog:

Run with your dog: Get physically fit

Playing fetch is the favorite game of the dogs. But running would be intense and use different muscles of their body. There is a need to burn energy on a regular basis, though the amount of the energy varies as per the breed.

It would help to make your and your dog’s lungs and heart stronger. Your dog will be in the category of healthy dogs having appropriate weight.

Run with your dog: Promote good mental health

According to the studies, human and the dogs can have a healthy mind free from stress and anxiety by adopting an energetic lifestyle. The more active the dog is, the longer he is expected to live. If dogs are not properly exercised, their energy will turn into aggression or destructiveness.

Running stimulates your dog by exposing him to new sounds, smells and sight. It also helps to socialize your dog and if you run at the park, you both might make new friends.

Run with your dog: Create a consistent routine

Making a routine for yourself would always be difficult due to laziness, but if you start taking your dog along, he will look forward to running every day with you. According to the studies, the people who start running with their dogs are considered to be more consistent with their routine.

The dogs who have the habit of running are more calm than other, and if you are fostering one, it will make it easy for them to get adopted.

Run with your dog: Help him cope with your absence

The most difficult part of having a dog is having to leave him alone, even for a short while. But if your dog is getting regular exercise, their anxiety is reduced and it makes it easy for the dog to cope with your absence.

Run with your dog: Reduce problematic behavior

Physical activities will help keep your puppy from indulging in destructive behavior. By channeling his energy in positive ways, he’ll be less likely to misbehave by:

  • Scratching or digging
  • Jumping on people
  • Biting and barking
  • Chewing anything on the floor

Determine the right amount of exercise for your dog

The amount of exercise depends upon the breed of the dog. There are some other factors that affect it such as size, age and health of the dog. Breeds like hounds, Labradors and collies that are specially trained for herding or hunting likely will need the most exercise.

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