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2 responses to “5 tips to make your dog stop eating feces”

  1. Susan Davis

    Actually, I never had a poop eater until a certain puppy was born here last year! I feed a human grade kibble, and my pups’ bedding is changed 2-3 times per day, premises are squeaky clean. My understanding is that some pups learn this behavior from their dam while still in the whelping box. She has no parasites, eats a high quality, balanced diet, lives in a very clean environment, and is the only pup I have ever had to eat feces – and it has to be fresh, so she positions herself behind the dog as it is coming forth! All stools are cleaned from the yard as they are left there. I’m a reputable breeder and believe that this keen interest in feces might possibly have a genetic component. She is an outcross, bred to an outside sire whose breeder has several poop eaters and just deals with it. Of course this behavior is not condoned, and of course such puppies are told to STOP, Leave it, etc., but they will if they can get away with it. My pup’s littermates do not indulge. It’s just her!

  2. Becky White

    Very helpful insight on an unpleasant topic. I am a dog walker and dealt with a black lab with this problem for a few years.It was a huge issue at the off leash.
    In conjunction with the dog’s owner we tried many methods.Constant supervision,keeping her active and running so less distractions,a citronella spray collar, positive reinforcement, a muzzle and finally keeping her on leash only walks.
    I do think for some dogs it is strongly in their DNA which makes most training options a constant challenge.This one dog is the perfect dog otherwise in all respects.Like humans we all have some vices.
    I will post this on my Facebook wall for my dog blog.You have given great concrete advice especially for younger dogs where a chance of sucess is much greater.