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3 responses to “Break your dog’s bad jumping habit”

  1. Sandy Finley

    I respectfully disagree with your advice. The most glaring flaw would be your assertion that dogs naturally greet face to face. Dogs naturally circle & sniff in greeting. A face to face greeting is considered dominant and aggressive. This is one reason so many children get bitten after being instructed to thrust their hands into the dogs face “for them to smell you”. It would be nice to think turning your back on the dog would stop him from jumping. But unless the dog has an extremely soft temperament, you would need to introduce some form of negative as a counterbalance to the positive. I repeat, my disagreement is tendered with respect for your opinion. But as a professional trainer with over 30 yrs experience, it is my opinion that your strategy to stop jumping is more often then not ineffectual.

  2. Holly Kuehn

    Thank you for your great advice and the perspective from the dog’s POV. We have a new puppy and this advice is invaluable!

  3. Becky White

    Great advice once again.You are right, it requires a lot of patience and consistancy to work with a dog used to jumping up on people.
    The earlier the better with any dog especially smaller breeds. I have found they are more likely to dispay this behaviour as some owners find it cute or just ignore it as a problem.
    I will be sharing your tips on my Dog Blog Facebook page to help others 🙂