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One response to “Give your dog medications without fuss”

  1. Glenn

    My twelve year old Golden Retriever has to take several pills a day. She had a few seizures about a year ago, and our vet put her on medication. She is also on medication for her thyroid, and takes a baby aspirin daily.

    I give he pills twice daily, using peanut butter, and she woofs them down like they are a t-bone steak.

    Just put a wad of peanut butter on a spoon, and push a hole in it with your finger, and put the pills in the hole, and close it up. Then scoop it up with your finger, and put it toward the back of their throat. Make sure they have water to drink, to wash it down if necessary.

    When she sees me getting the peanut butter jar, she runs over, and starts begging, so It is very easy to give her the pills. They get used to it quickly, since they think it is treat time.

    I found that J I F extra crunchy peanut butter is the best to use, because it is very firm, and holds the pills well.

    Plus when the peanut butter jar is empty, give it to them as a treat. If you leave a little peanut butter in the jar, they will work on it until the jar is clean.