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6 responses to “Make changes to accommodate your aging dog”

  1. Carla Lund

    A tri-fold inexpensive lawn chair , still folded up, with its legs out makes a good dog ramp – mine is at car floor board height.

    Extra non-slip rugs at main pathways and stair landings give better footing.

  2. Cari Lombardi

    I have a 9.5 yr old terrier that seems to be exhibiting a lot of these aging signs in the past 6 months. I wasn’t prepared for this as 9 yrs old isn’t ‘old’ for a dog with a lifespan of 15-18 yrs old on averge. This article provides some excellent suggestions that I hadn’t thought of. Thank you Karen.

  3. dahlila

    I have 2 senior dogs–12 & 14. At 14 Zephyr has become terrified of driving in the car, so we have to stay close to home. He actually doesn’t like new surroundings too much. I think he gets confused. We walk twice a day, shorter. There’s a lot of sniffing & peeing, but not as much walking.
    All good advice above. The most important part is just spending time with them & reassuring them it’s all ok. xo

  4. Linda

    Thanks for the article and helpful hints. My little guy will be going on 11 yrs old and yes he has gotten the grey hairs, lost a little luster and not quite as tolerant of the other companions but he has gotten “very” vocal in his senior years too. And for all who are facing the bladder issues, we have the Wiki Wags Disposable Male Dog Wraps that are a life saver when they lose control. Thanks for the article.

  5. Randy

    We moved to a single level homes when one of our dogs got older. A smaller single level home with 2 fenced acres for exercise was a good trade off for my dogs, and I like the space as well. I find that when given free access to the property the dogs will explore and just move around much more.

  6. Karen Marks

    I am happy to be involved with a company that has produced a first of it’s kind of supplement for canines that focuses on reducing oxidative stress in our dogs. Oxidative stress is linked to aging and 200 diseases. If you would like help your dog with aging and the diseases associated with aging, send me a message and I can assist you or send you additional information. This product is all natural, made of 5 herbs that work strongly together and naturally reduce inflammation and oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days. This supplement helps with problems associated with aging such as social interaction, loss of house training, sleep disturbance, decreased mobility, cognitive function. It supports the brain, skin, eye functions, joint function, mobility and flexibility.