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2 responses to “Teach your dog trail etiquette”

  1. Michelle

    I totally agree, PLEASE Keep your dog on a leash when other people and dogs are around. I just got back from a month long RV trip with my dogs and many times a big dog would come running and BARKING at my chihuahua’s, not that my little dogs would back down 🙂 but I had mine on a leash, where as we meet many without leashes. Thanks for the Great Tip!

  2. Patti Goettler

    Owners almost ALWAYS have a higher opinion of their dog’s training than the dog has!! PUT IT ON A Leash! I am so sick of having loose dogs chase, jump, bark and attack …while the idiot owner is patting their leg calling ,”Here boy!” or worse…
    Laughing and yelling, “It’s OK, he’s friendly!”
    I don’t care if he’s friendly…keep him off me and my dog/horse/ WHATEVER!!!