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3 responses to “Add healthy human foods to your dog’s diet”

  1. Ann Marie Hoff

    I am a big proponent of feeding “human” food to dogs. Especially since the quality and cleanileness of dog food is in question with almost every company.

  2. Jt Clough | Big Island Dog

    Most excellent article!

    I have been a proponent of feeding whole foods to dogs for a long time, much to the dislike of many vets I know. I’m a trainer who believe in getting back to basics with everything. Exercise, diet and spending time together.

    One of the points I’ve tried to make for a long time stems from growing up on a ranch. We had dogs and many other animals. We fed them table scraps. Our dogs were not considered old until they were 14 or s15 and lived 16 or 17 years usually. Now dogs are old at 8 and are gone at 10-12 years. Hmmmm? Think all the processed food and lack of exercise has any part in that?

    Aloha Wags!

  3. Food Freak Frank

    Thanks for this post. After reading the book “Smarter Than You Think” (by Paul Loeb) I have been a huge fan of this diet for dogs! While my dogs are not 100% on a homemade diet at the moment, as soon as this semester is and I have just a little more time, they will be back on this diet again!