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4 responses to “Take your dog for a walk and create a lifelong bond”

  1. Becky White

    I just found your site through the placetolovedogs site.You have a new reader and follower. I will be posting this on my blog roll later today. Out to do some shorter dog walks in this extreme heat! I will be posting your link on my Dogstwentyfourseven Facebook page too. Great tips and advice 🙂 Thanks! Becky

  2. Bryan Levy

    Just getting a puppy tomorrow. This is very sound advice. Well written. Not rocket science but will try to do this from the outset. Thanks BL

  3. Crystel Baxter

    Awesome article and will help many dog lovers bond for a lifetime !!!!

  4. Mary Nielsen

    Absolute truth!

    It takes devotion to your dog if you wish to receive their Loyalty. After all ask yourself if you would be loyal to someone who wouldn’t want to spend their time with you.

    This is actually quite simple if done right. But so many people get it wrong and they give up from walking their dogs.

    One thing I would like to point out is never to go out for a walk with your dog if you are overwhelmed by negative emotions from your work or anything else, You need to be focused along with your dog during your first walks. And you can not have inner frustrations of any kind, your dog will sense that you are upset and it will not understand why.