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4 responses to “Is your dog on the smart list?”

  1. Suzanne Yellen

    I have 2 ‘independent minded’ Tibetan Terriers … very smart, very trainable, but also very determined to ‘obey’ when they they it’s the correct thing to do.

  2. Stuart

    The ranking of a dog’s intelligence based on obedient the dog may be is very flawed. Cats have been proven to be smarter than dogs and lack obedience and trainability when compared to dogs. Trainability has more to do with the desire to please than it does with intelligence so the conclusion here is unfounded.

  3. Andrina van der Meij

    That’s a very interesting perspective! Never thought of it that way, thank you!

  4. Vlad & Barkly's Dee

    We’ve had 2 Cardigan Corgis–We were warned that they can outsmart a lot of owners. You have to be on your toes all the time w/them. They’re only hard to train b/c too many owners don’t have the proper training themselves. Just like all the Airedales we’ve had.

    My last Airedale that I lost in Jan of 2012 was labeled as #1 in ALL of his obedience classes. He was the perfect dog, and he was going up against every breed listed in this article as smartest. I’d never recommend an Airedale for everyone though. I discouraged plenty of people after questioning them when the inevitable “I want one of THOSE!” comments came out. Our last one was so perfect that I couldn’t get another. Now we have a Black Russian Terrier. Training him has been about like training an Airedale. He’s much like one except for looks.

    These “smartest” breed lists will never be believed by us. I think a smartest owner list would be more appropriate.