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3 responses to “Help children and dogs bond”

  1. Nicki Penaluna

    I read a very interesting post on our Dobermann Rescue forum. Each time she is pregnant, the lady encourages the dog to lay its head on her stomach and feel the movement of the baby and of course hear the heartbeat. She does this right up until the baby is born. She says there is no problem with ‘new baby’ jealousy and the bond between the dog and her children is incredible.
    What a lovely thing to do. She is obviously a very caring, responsible parent and owner in many ways!

  2. Dawn

    Great information! I’ve heard, though, that a dog should not be punished for growling. A dog that growls is giving a warning. If they are not allowed to give a warning, they may skip straight to the next step and bite ‘out of nowhere’ and seemingly unprovoked. Perhaps teach children to avoid a dog when they growl. And like you said, redirect the dog’s behavior to get up and move away instead.

  3. Rowena

    My Rottweiler bitch who is 18mths old used to lie with her head on my stomach when I was pregnant. When the baby kicked or moved she used to gently rub her chin across my tum. She became my guardian all the way through and would stand between me and anyone she didnt know or any man except my partner. I also sent home used babygrows for the dogs to get used to the babies scent. I have to say she adores the baby and lies by the side of his Moses basket in the lounge. I’m sure she thinks its ‘her’ baby although she is never left unsupervised with him. She’s normally so rough yet round him she’s so gentle its unreal lol . The other 2basset hounds have also been great but all were given plenty of attention b4 and after he came home 🙂