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3 responses to “Help your older dog adjust to a new companion”

  1. Renee Phillips

    We are needing some advise on our new puppy. We recently lost our german shepard after a few years of seizures and sicknes. Along with the shepard we have a lab mix. After losing our shepard, our lab went into depression. It has gone on for several weeks: not really eating, no playing-just laying down. The vet suggested that a puppy would help so we adopted one from a shelter.. The pup wants to play and the lab growls, runs away and hides. Any suggestions??????

    1. Sara B. Hansen

      You’ll need to give your older dog time and make sure you supervise the time he and the puppy spend together. You also need to make sure you continue to give your older dog lots of attention, walks, petting, brushing, etc. You need him to know he’s still well loved and that you aren’t trying to replace him.

  2. Sharlene M. Davis

    Good Article–