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3 responses to “Know your breed: Why some dogs obey better than others”

  1. kathy Leaon

    Hello, my name is Kathy Leaon, and I am writing to say that I believe that all animals,be they dogs,or cats can be brought up to be wonderful pets if they are treated will love ,and care. My husband and I have been fostering Golden Retrievers for three years,and with love and care they have come to be great dogs. I also think that if you care for cats that same way,That they too will turn out to be well balanced and happy.

  2. Deborah Taylor-French

    Thanks for this clear and insightful post explaining the range of prey drive and interest in pleasing people. Do you have any source material or books you recommend for further reading?

  3. Mary Nameth

    My corgi is definitely not low biddable. He may have his moments, but he generally waits to see what I’m going to do and then follows me. He’s a better listener than my parents’ sheltie, although definitely more hyper.