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6 responses to “Can dogs and cats live in peace under one roof?”

  1. jeffrey groh

    I have two dogs.One,a border collie and the other a brittany spaniel.Both dogs are extremely smart and have learned over the years not to mess with cats.Recently,i rescued two very little kittens and brought them is a calico and the other is just a beautiful brown little girl.Apparently these are two little sisters and to them,they rule the nest.The kittens are not the least bit afraid of my dogs and they sort of taunt them and run around the dogs.I am so happy that they all get along and its a pleasure to watch them play.

  2. St.Clair Labradoodle Kennels

    Your question is great,but needs refinement.If animals are introduced into a home together it is one thing.If you are bringing in a new animal to an existing one (cat or dog,puppy) it is different.Your existing animal has it’s home and hierarchy in the family.You must know the temperament of the new animal first.It must be mild,(submissive) to other family and animals before you even attempt to bring it in.If not that type of animal,Do Not! do it.

  3. Becky White

    This is a great article jam packed with useful tips. I will be sharing this so others can benefit.
    We have always had a houseful of pets, a cat,dogs,hamsters,fish and three geckos at one time over the years.
    We have found the animals figure it out and some things need to be tweaked. For example, different feeding areas for the cat and dog as they ate each others food. The cat litter also had to be out of access to our lab..just saying.

  4. Bonnie

    I rescued two tiny kittens when I already had a small toy poodle I had also rescued a few months before. They would curl up by the dog and knead their paws in his fur like he was their mother. He loved them and they adored him. Then he escaped and got hit by a car on night. Soon after that I adopted another poodle who looked similar to the first poodle but that didn’t fool the cats. They hated the second dog and kept him in check all the time. He learned to ignore them and they stopped tormenting him.
    I have had many dogs and cats over the years and with the exception of one dog, an Akita, all got along with cats, once the cats established the rules.

  5. Deena O'Daniel

    Great article! I have Cogi and a cat, and they co-exist peacefully. They don’t really play, but they get along.

  6. Diana

    Our newly adopted cat and our dogs became playmates after a month of chasing around the house under our supervision, of course. Agree that the cat definitely has to have a dominant personality to establish pack order. Now they love each other. We went out of town recently and left them with different sitters and they were so happy to see each other when we brought our pack back together!