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3 responses to “Dog behavior: Understand pawing”

  1. Andrea Partee

    I totally agree that dog pawing a normal part of dog communication but I tend to think of it as dominant behavior. One of my dogs will paw my husband’s lap when he wants to share the man’s meal, yet he would never do it to me because he understands it is unacceptable in my rule book. What do you think?

  2. Sara B. Hansen

    I agree. I think dogs try to find people they can dominate or at the very least manipulate. For example, when we’re at my parents’ house, my dog always sits next to my dad and often nudges him with her nose. She’s identified him as the most likely food dropper.

  3. Jason Rocchio

    There would have to be multiple reasons for dog’s pawing behavior. It’s different for every dog. I live with a roommate who has a dog which was previously abused by another owner, and as we have found she can be at times very manipulative. Sometimes she paws for attention, sometimes for food, sometimes to convey dominance. You can just tell, notice everything that happened until that moment. She knows exactly what she can get away with, and who she really has to listen to. If she nudges her nose at your hand, or arm while passing, puts her paw on you with a very smug look (you know your dog well), it’s asserting dominance.