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4 responses to “Dog training: Know which breeds are tough to train”

  1. dog portrait

    Very informative post! If new dog owners would know this at least they would avoid being discouraged at their newly owned pet.

  2. Jackie Gyte

    My dog trainer told me that my Cairn Terriers were one of the hardest dogs to train – I beleive it.

  3. Tony Knight

    Do all Russians drink vodka? Do all French people wear berets? Are all English people soccer hooligans? Stereotypes are too easy to form and in every case ignore the fact that individual personality has far more to do with the way a dog will behave. However, they are all dogs and use the same language to communicate. Learn that language and ALL dogs are easier to work with.

  4. Sharlene

    Great article of interest but forgot to say what you thought of the Brittany (did have Spaniel after to name but I think it got dropped ) when you mentioned the Aussie —Just wondered what your idea is on that Breed as being biddable and aiming to please or if the Nose takes over on that Breed?? I will share article also 🙂 🙂